RoseHaus Hair Tea Spritzers


Tea Spritzers are hair strengtheners that not only strengthens hair but also conditions, softens, supports healthy hair and leaves a nice sheen to hair. Seals hair cuticles. Great for strengthening the hair, growth, and fighting hair loss. Prevents breakage and great for thinning areas. Made with
Raw Honey
Lavender leaves and Lavender oil
Black Tea
Vitamin E
Cassia (for hair stimulation)
Chia Seeds
Black Castor Oil and Tea Tree Oil just to name a few Key Ingredients! Look at each spritzer type and pick the one that suits your needs best! Each is 8 Oz.

Peppermint Tea & mint oil infused in this spritzer for a calmer scalp.
Very useful for reducing dandruff.

Supports healthy hair. Great for growing back hair that has previously undergone stress and breakage.

**The products are natural so make sure to shake well before each use!