About Us

       I took interest in making my own hair products at a young age because let’s face it, hair products

can get expensive. I found ways to make natural, beneficial products by mixing

and combining oils and herbs that are essential for hair growth. This mixture promotes hair growth, 

stimulates hair follicles, grows edges, and

leaves hair healthier and stronger! 

       After years of using my own products and consistently getting great feedback on the results through continuous use, a few clients

persuaded me to start making hair products! And I did!! My truth begins with them!♥

Their testimony. Their praise to me for helping them grow their own hair and teaching them how to do the same means a ton to them and it means the world to me! Along the way I wanted to create attire and merchandise that reflect my personality and values. I want to share that vision with you guys! From sensual imagery, to colorful vibrant pieces, I know that we have something to offer Everyone! I'm expanding and now have a business partner and together we will open up The RnB Store. The store will be reflect our passions; Music, Old Feels, Products, Clothing and a platform for other entrepreneurs to show case their work! Buying our merchandise puts us one step closer to our dream! Thanks for your support and patience as we transition!


" NO more going to the salon, wondering what concoction the stylist has in that clear bottle with no label! I cater to your needs! The relationships I have with everyone that has ever sat in my seat is fun, informative and personable. I offer my best in everything that I do! I use my previous and current Beauty Supply experience to better assist everyone as well! I put my all into this! And finally merchandise, that reflect our vibrant mind and free spirited persona!"